Month: August 2020

holographic keyboard


Holographic Keyboard Introduction:- Have you guys seen those movies like Iron man where they have holographic projections and screens all around them. It looks so futuristic and cool. Imagine if we could have such things now. Well, it’s not practically possible as of now but still, we have something very similar to it around us. …

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self driving car

Self Driving Car

Autonomous Vehicle​ Autonomous vehicle (AV) is mostly referred to as a self driving vehicle or driver-less vehicle. Self-driving Vehicle senses the environment and drives safely with a little or no human input. Long distance vehicles like transport trucks are the main focus for making autonomous vehicles. The first trial on automated vehicles began in the …

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Lootcase review

LOOTCASE REVIEW Recently I watched a great comedy thriller movie reviews bollywood produced by Fox Star studio streaming on Disney+hotstar directed by Rajesh Krishnan. Yes, I am talking about the movie ‘LOOTCASE’. As the name suggests it is about a suitcase filled with loot. That’s why Loot case, Starcast: Kunal Khemu     as    Nandan …

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shakuntala devi

Shakuntala Devi

SHAKUNTALA DEVI REVIEW Platform:-Amazon Prime Video Movie is based on the life of well known mathematician,author,astrologer and philosopher Shakuntala Devi. Shakuntala Devi also known as Human Computer she also broke the Guinness world record for solving the biggest mathematical calculation in record time at Imperial College London. Movie is for those who are interested in …

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ikigai means

IKIGAI Everyone wants to be happy but has no idea what to do. Most of us waste time thinking, should we follow our passion or should we focus on making more money. IKIGAI is the solution to all of these questions. This proven formula has helped many people to become successful and find happiness in …

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EXPECTATION ‘Expectation’ is the most underrated word of this century. The whole idea of growth and downfall revolves around this word. Expectation can make you as well as break you. Let’s dig deep into this topic ‘EXPECTATION’ ‘My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.’                                                                             …

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