Month: September 2020



An Overview of Rockets What is a rocket? When we think about a rocket, in our mind there is a rough diagram of it which has a pointy nose, a body, fin, fuel tank, nozzle etc. Basically there are many things which are present in a rocket so in this blog we will discuss how …

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Spellbreak Review

SpellBreak The Magic BR  Release Date:  4 September 2020 Genre:  RPG, Multiplayer Price:  Free Platform:  PC, Xbox ONE, PS4, Nintendo Switch play : SPELLBREAK In childhood many of us dreamed of magicians, we thought it would be cool to cast magic spells and use elemental magical abilities to our advantage. Well, the wait is over, …

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valorant vs csgo

Valorant vs CSGO

Valorant – Is it the Next Gen CSGO Well, well, well, this summer of 2020 was a big surprise with the release of Valorant. As honored and proud as I must feel I can’t deny the fact that this game’s core mechanics match that of Counter Strike (CSGO). So, is it just an upgrade to …

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prince of persia remake

prince of persia

Prince of Persia Sands of Time Remake Ubisoft’s beloved series of the past makes a return. Yes, the prince is back in a way with a remake of the original first part of the Prince of Persia series of the 2000’s. Prince of Persia the sands of time, released in 2003. It was a huge …

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FIFA 21 – Ultimate EA joke Every year EA sports launches its flagship game FIFA. I don’t know what happened to EA, were they high or something, when they were giving the rating to the players. So in this blog we will discuss how the rating of FIFA 20 is way more better than FIFA …

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economic crisis

Economic crisis

Economic Crisis These two words alone are not much of a problem but combined, hush, terrible. Economic Crisis. Just reading this word can shock the earth beneath. For a long time this particular word has caused trouble around the world in many ways. We are going to discuss briefly what the economic crisis actually means. …

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Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Due to many overlapping laws dealing with insolvency and bankruptcy of a company or an individual in India lead to problems for timely money recovery for the Banks. We have seen many consequences in India where many industrialists got bankrupt and flew away without paying money to the Banks. So …

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Democracy I can proudly say that I live in the largest democratic country in the world. Yes, India, being the largest democracy, also houses the world’s most diverse people inside one nation. Sometimes, I think there could be many questions that pop in our mind regarding democracy. Like, why democracy is considered so peaceful, how …

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Best Board Games

5 board games that can be fun with friends and family Board games for one have been a big part of our childhood. Remember when a bunch of friends used to hangout at someone’s home to play board games in the afternoon of summer. When the heat was too much to handle the best way …

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