Month: November 2020

watch dog legios

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Legion This is the 3rd installment in the watch dogs franchise from Ubisoft. In general, Watch dogs is a 3rd person open world hacking game. Yes, a game where you play as a hacker and use your power of tech to go around places and complete missions. As mentioned, Watch dogs Legion is …

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banking crisis

Banking Crisis

Banking Crisis or YES BANK crisis Banking crisis is a serious problem nowadays. Many banks have gone through this economic crisis and the loss is borne by the public. Let’s address this issue through the political section of our blog. Introduction: A banking crisis is a situation where many banks  are in a serious state …

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Karate In our childhood, we all were fascinated with movies like ‘The karate kid’, IP man, shaolin soccer etc and one of the best anime series ‘Dragon ball’. These fiction taught us the importance of being physically fit. If anyone tries to suppress us, we could use Karate for self-defence. In this blog, we will …

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ethical hacking

Ethical Hacking

ETHICAL HACKING Have you watched Hollywood sci fi movies like The Matrix, Mr. Robot, Hackerville, CSI cyber etc and bollywood movies like Happy new year, Genius etc  in which people are doing mysterious things with their computers and getting information from others.  The word ‘hacking’ fascinates almost all people but it requires a lot of …

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NOTA – A Power Button Everyone votes and elects the leader of their choice. Ever wondered if there are no participants that you like, what would you choose? For such cases a special button is added in the EVM or Electronic voting machine. This button is a very neglected and insignificant button but holds a …

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