kfc gaming console

KFC Gaming Console

KFC – Gaming console When it comes to gaming consoles, the first thing that comes to mind is Sony’s playstation or Microsoft’s Xbox but now there is a new player in the market and its KFC. KFC has officially released their futuristic console which supports 4k gaming. It has a section which can keep your …

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test anxiety

Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety Tension, worry, dread and fear of failure are some events which occur when someone suffers from Test Anxiety and these events may occur before or during exams. Everyone might have faced these events while performing any test and this might have affected your performance. So then the question arises: What is Test Anxiety? …

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Kabaddi Imagine being in an enemy territory with only one goal to eliminate as many as possible and get out of there safely. It’s thrilling, right? More like any hollywood spy movie but I wouldn’t go that far. I mean the sports that I am talking about are just as thrilling as this. Yes, Kabaddi. …

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