Union Budget

Union Budget 2021 INDIA

UNION BUDGET INDIA Union budget is the most watched event in India for retailers, manufacturers, investors, stockbrokers and common man. It is very important to everyone so let’s understand what the Union budget is all about? Budget is the nation’s annual financial statement presented by the finance minister; it gives us a detailed account of …

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investment banking

What is Investment Banking

INVESTMENT BANKING Investment banking is one of the most profitable fields in the financial industry.  In 2018 investment banks measured the revenue of $39,000,000,000 and it was just in the United States. The yearly income of an investment banker is $140,000. It’s uncommon that so many people dream of becoming the next wolf of the …

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banking crisis

Banking Crisis

Banking Crisis or YES BANK crisis Banking crisis is a serious problem nowadays. Many banks have gone through this economic crisis and the loss is borne by the public. Let’s address this issue through the political section of our blog. Introduction: A banking crisis is a situation where many banks  are in a serious state …

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NOTA – A Power Button Everyone votes and elects the leader of their choice. Ever wondered if there are no participants that you like, what would you choose? For such cases a special button is added in the EVM or Electronic voting machine. This button is a very neglected and insignificant button but holds a …

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marital rape

Marital Rape

Marital Rape Nowadays, Physical violence and harassment are at a peak. We have heard many news regarding sexual assault on women and men. Mostly, men are the assailant and they have crossed the barrier of humanity. Apart from sexual abuse outside, we have found many cases where spouse are intentionally harassed for intercourse which might …

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LGBT Section 377

LGBT – Section 377 Although, India is a democratic country in which everyone has fundamental rights of expression, the LGBT community is something underrated and seems to be underexpressed in india. In this blog, we are trying to bring focus of people on homosexual community in india, their need, psychological emotion and laws for homosexuality …

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