Cherophobia Have you ever had that feeling while enjoying or having fun? That feeling which makes you question your happiness or makes you think that something bad might happen after this. Well, it’s safe to say even I have felt like that. It’s not wrong to think like that. We belong to India where we …

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test anxiety

Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety Tension, worry, dread and fear of failure are some events which occur when someone suffers from Test Anxiety and these events may occur before or during exams. Everyone might have faced these events while performing any test and this might have affected your performance. So then the question arises: What is Test Anxiety? …

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Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome An unthinkable condition where the victim forms an emotional feeling with the kidnapper is termed as Stockholm syndrome. These cases are mostly seen in high profile kidnappings and hostage situations. But normal people may develop Stockholm syndrome due to various trauma in regular life. What is Stockholm syndrome? :- The situation of Stockholm …

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electra complex

Electra Complex

Electra Complex We all have heard the saying that every girl wants a husband like her father. But do you know, girls at the phallic stage between 3 to 6 develop an electra complex in which they have a sense of jealousy from her mother and feeling of desire for her father. In this blog, …

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