Swimming Swimming is one of the most popular sports or we can call it as one of the most famous recreational activities. There are several health benefits of swimming and a great enjoyable activity. Swimming is the propulsion of the body through water by the combined movement of arms and legs and the natural flotation …

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Kabaddi Imagine being in an enemy territory with only one goal to eliminate as many as possible and get out of there safely. It’s thrilling, right? More like any hollywood spy movie but I wouldn’t go that far. I mean the sports that I am talking about are just as thrilling as this. Yes, Kabaddi. …

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Badminton Badminton is considered as one of the best indoor sports with a lot of physical activity. This sport is played with racquets hitting a shuttlecock above the net without letting it touch the ground. Introduction : The game of badminton is played between two teams on the opposite side of the net. Professionally this …

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Karate In our childhood, we all were fascinated with movies like ‘The karate kid’, IP man, shaolin soccer etc and one of the best anime series ‘Dragon ball’. These fiction taught us the importance of being physically fit. If anyone tries to suppress us, we could use Karate for self-defence. In this blog, we will …

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american football

American Football

American Football American football – a sport with true reflection of strength, fitness, muscle mass, strategy and loving field like a bed. But wait a minute, are you confused that American football is the same as soccer or rugby? Pardon, but these games are way different. So in this blog we will discuss the origin …

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El Clasico

El Clásico El Clásico also known as “The Classic” in English is the name given to the football match between the rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is considered to be the one of the biggest club fixtures and most watched fixtures in the world. Forbes ranked Barcelona and Real Madrid as the most …

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uefa supercup

UEFA Super Cup

UEFA Super Cup One of the most famous trophies in the world of football is the Super Cup. It needs no introduction as it is the most famous European club competition. There are many football clubs in the world and to dominate they need to win trophies. The Super Cup is organised by the Union …

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