GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

The RTX 3060 Ti Review

Hello gamers of India. I know things have been rough for the indian gaming community when it comes to building a PC knowing that your parents might just kick you out of the house. For a middle class family it is not easy to pay lakhs of rupees on a gaming PC. I mean why would you pay for enjoyment and relaxation and just having a fun time with friends, right. Nevermind, I shouldn’t really go down that track.

Last month, a new series of graphics cards came and caused havoc all around the world luckily for us, the price for these cards has always been higher with 18 percent GST and a company markup followed by that. I mean talk about the 3060 Ti in the US costs 399 supposedly not now though. Which translates to roughly 30,000 in India.

This might be the only time to flex but today a 3060 Ti in US costs around 600 bucks which is way costlier than the indian card price thanks to scalpers who took advantage of short supply.

So, the founders edition of 3060 Ti had an MSRP of 399 dollars but in India with added GST it costs 36,500 roughly. Which in my opinion is just too much.

Right out of the gate, 3060 Ti crushes its 60 series competition the RTX 2060 super and 1060 Ti. To be honest they don’t even stand a chance because just like Nvidia said the RTX 3060 Ti actually performs on par and even better than a 2080 Super. Which is just mind blowing. This is the potential of the card with Raw performance in mind.

Now, I have an MSI RTX 3060Ti in my personal build and that’s the whole reason we are reviewing.

What you can do with this card is just awesome considering the cost per frame which is the lowest for 1440p or 2k gaming. This card is just 11% lacking behind its superior the RTX 3070. Which is quite frankly a very good ratio and has better cost per frame than 3070.

With the headroom that this card has I can surely overclock this baby and just annihilate the competition. Much to say, everyone typically in India has a 1080p monitor. So how does this card perform on 1080p?

To answer that my friend, it is an overkill of 1080p. Here’s why.

I ran Modern Warfare 2019 with Ray trace on. At 1080p, the card managed to lock on 144hz easily. So far the only game that significantly creates a frame drop is the GTA V with its varying environment and some problematic stuff in the game itself.

So, if you are a gamer and want to upgrade your PC or build a new one with a budget in mind. You can surely buy a RTX 3060 Ti and never regret a single thing. Although I would suggest to have a budget of at least a Lakh rupees. The Card that I have, MSI RTX 3060ti cost me around 42000.

Thanks and have a nice day, GG


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