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The FIFA world cup is one of the most watched competitions where nations compete for the world title. France was the winner of FIFA world cup 2018 who will defend their title in 2022 and was the favorite to win and still is. FIFA 2022 will be hosted by Qatar. Qatar is the first west Asian nation and smallest country to host a FIFA world cup. In addition, there are spectacular beaches, islands, and  some beautiful deserts and rocky terrain. Visitors can enjoy desert safari trips, ride camels and camp under the stars in Bedouin tent. There is also Al Jassasiya, a magnificent rock carving area where visitors can get experience of prehistoric sculptures. Due to the intense heat of Qatar the world cup will be held from late November to mid of December.

We are not here to tell all the good things of Qatar. We will discuss why people think that the World cup in Qatar is questionable? Every opinion in this blog is research based and we are not challenging the Executive committee of FIFA for their decision.

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Why is the World Cup in Qatar questionable?

Serious accusations of corruption have been made towards how Qatar got the right of hosting the World Cup. There was a FIFA internal investigation which cleared any wrong doing in Qatar but chief investigator Michael Garcia has described FIFA’s report on his enquiry as “materially incomplete and erroneous”. 

We will discuss 5 reasons why world cup in Qatar is questionable:-

1) Qatar has faced strong criticism due to the treatment of foreign workers   involved in preparation for the World Cup.

2) Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization which focuses on human rights and has referred to forced labor and stated that thousands of migrant workers have died as result of human right abuse.

3)  Weather of Qatar is so hot that FIFA has shifted the schedule of the world cup to November which will disturb the domestic league and players will not get much time to rest.

4) A football fan would never miss one of the most important events so the problem rises here. Qatar is so expensive and there are many luxury hotels which cost a lot and will restrict fans from attending the world cup.

5) There might be empty stadiums, it’s not only expensive but also the locals are not much interested in attending sport events. Example to this is the average league attendance in Qatar is less than 700.

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These were some reasons why the world cup in Qatar was not a good idea but even former president of FIFA has quoted “Yes it was a mistake of course but one makes lots of mistakes in life” later he retracted his quote but he expressed his feeling.

Let it be anything, the world cup will be hosted by Qatar and no one can change it but now let’s hope everything will go right. We just kept our point and we are not challenging any community as mentioned above.

We will end our discussion here and we will be back with the same topic when we get more information on the same topic. Here at SAYZ blog we work on the feedback provided by the reader. If any reader wants a blog on the topic then they can contact us on our mail or can type in the comment box and we will try to work on your topic. So please support us and we will bring some awesome content every day.


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