When it comes to luxurious cars what comes to our mind first is Rolls Royce as we know these cars are the premium class. But when it comes to futuristic design and future, it’s Tesla. Tesla has made cars while keeping the future in mind. Electric cars are in the trend nowadays and when it comes to electric cars Tesla is the name which has crossed every limit of comfort and features. A Tesla car has everything you can ask for like autopilot, sentry mode, auto raising suspension and many discussed below in detail.

tesla cars

Introduction: -

As Tesla is a world-wide famous company and is in high demand, they don’t need much introduction but we will try to make it short. Tesla is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company. Tesla’s current products include Electric vehicles, solar panels, solar roof tiles and many related products and services.

Tesla was founded in 2003, as the name suggests the name was tribute to Nikola Tesla who was one of the best engineers and scientists of his era. Musk the CEO of Tesla believed the purpose of Tesla is to help propel the automotive industry to move to sustainable energy.

Top 5 features of Tesla car: -

There are many cool features in Tesla cars but here we are discussing some of the important features of Tesla.

1)  Autopilot:  One of the most famous features that everyone feels like their car must have is the system capable of controlling throttle, brakes and steering. Moreover, It can even change lanes if the driver activates the vehicle turn signal. Even If the autopilot is on, the driver has full control over the car and he or she can be responsible if anything happens so avoid naps while driving nonetheless.

2) Sentry Mode:  Another feature which makes your car safer when you are not in a car. When sentry mode is on the car uses the external camera to detect potential threat. If there is minimal threat such as leaning on the car then mode switches to an “Alert” state and displays a message on the touchscreen warning that its cameras are recording. If the threat is severe such as breaking of window then sentry mode switches car alarm and plays music on high volume and the owner gets a message about the activity via the mobile app.

3) Auto raising suspension:  Many cars nowadays come with the air suspension, which allows the car to adjust firmness of the ride for better driving experience. Advantage of the air suspension is that it allows the user to adjust the ride’s height. On the highway you might want your car hunker down for aerodynamics but you will need to raise it to clear speed bumps when you get one along the way. In a Tesla car you can set the suspension lower at high speed then raise back up as you exit the highway.

4) Key:  Every car company has its own design of key but Tesla has pushed their key design quite further. The key for your Tesla is shaped just like your car and there is no visible button key. By pushing different parts of the little car, you can open the trunk and unlock the car. If you double tap or hold on the roof with a tap to the front or back and you’ll activate Summon depending on whether you tap on the front or back of the key the car will drive itself off a parking spot without you inside the car.

5) Supercharger:  Supercharger are the tesla network of fast chargers. The goal of the supercharger is to enable Tesla owners to travel at a very low cost compared to gasoline. Tesla even periodically updates prices to account for changing electricity, construction, and maintenance costs to support the rapidly growing network. Charging cost estimate assumes Supercharger cost of $0.28 per kilowatt hour. Gasoline cost assumes 27 MPG for Model X and Model S and 28 MPG for Model 3 at $2.65 per gallon.

tesla electric power supply

Superchargers deliver energy rapidly, and gradually slow down as the battery fills. Vehicle automatically alerts you when it has enough energy to continue the trip and with the extensive network of Superchargers along popular routes, charging above 80% isn’t typically necessary.

Benefits of driving Tesla: -

1) Environment friendly:  As we discussed above the goal of the Tesla motors is to accelerate transition toward sustainable energy. An electric car has zero emission as it helps to decrease carbon footprint. The price of gasoline is increasing day by day and on the other hand it’s cheap to charge your Tesla. By driving a Tesla, you contribute towards a safe and clean environment.

2) Safety:  Safety inside a car or any vehicle matters and let’s see how safe Tesla is compared to other cars. Tesla model S and Tesla model X obtained 5-star rating by subcategory of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in crash test. As there is no engine in the engine bay crashing the car from the front will not cause any harm to the passengers inside due to the strong chassis structure. The roof strength is very high as it can resist more than 20000 pounds and provide safety in rollover crashes.

3) Little Maintenance:  An electric car requires much less maintenance as compared to a normal gas car. As there is no engine inside tesla the maintenance of the engine is zero. Now let’s come to battery as electric cars need a huge battery pack and batteries can even get damaged. Tesla’s batteries are capable of lasting 8 years and can travel more than 160K miles throughout the lifespan of the battery. Tesla can travel 1000 miles in a single charge.

Tesla to India: -

So finally, Tesla is coming to India as per the latest news and even they have registered the company by the name of Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd. The company has set up its headquarters in the technology hub of the country, Bangalore, with an authorised share capital of Rs 15 lakh and paid-up capital of Rs 1 lakh.

It’s very great news as Tesla is coming to India but coming to price there is no strong news of the price range. Let’s hope the price will be affordable. The cheapest model is the Model 3 with a price tag of 60 lakhs. Now 60 lakhs is very costly in India as this price range is affordable for a small number of the population.


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