Active contribution of youth in politics has always been a red-hot topic, when we think about it a few questions always cross our mind. Such as even politicians with vast information in governance are unable to bring any sort of revolution in this system, then what can these newcomers do? And Are they worthy enough to let them into politics? One of the most commonly used questions is what can they achieve when they have zero experience? Stick with me till the end to find out all the answers…

 Let me say this, politics has never been youth friendly throughout history, our political range is always filled with leaders who exceeded the retirement age, and even with a mind that is nowhere close to stable, he will still rule and make decisions for us? Isn’t it ironic to say every job in the world has a retirement age, Just a man who is a senior citizen will no longer work not just because they’re old but for their compromised decision making, stubbornness, and misjudgments. Then how can a candidate over 65, who rules millions can be allowed to make decisions for us? These politicians are so fascinated with the power, they continue to contest in elections even when they’re paralyzed or unable to leave a freaking wheelchair. They’re willing to die in old age as an MLA, MP, or Minister not because they’re patriots nor people servants but with their obsession for power.

We’re in a generation where it is possible to cure cancer, to create a robot with human competences and emotions, we’re testing in space for new human habitat, but our people are nowhere close in catching up with these advancements. We’re still being manipulated with the schemes that are popular since our father’s childhood, the same old so-called welfare schemes that will attract us the same way fish are attracted to a worm and little does she know it is a trap and so we are being trapped with these welfare schemes.

The majority of the MP’s are over 55 and the average age of our P.M.’s cabinet ministers is 60. Let me say this the change needs to happen now, the reforms that were being introduced by these politicians not helping us in moving forward, instead we’re moving backward. The plans for the future are not clear, and almost 40 percent of India is below the poverty line, the unemployment rate is at an all-time high, the education system is screwing students’ futures with its pathetic standards. This is all happening even when the majority of our government servants have 40 years’ experience in governance, so do you still think only experience matters?

MLA, MP challenging in elections needs to declare their assets and money with a clean criminal record to the election commission but still, no MP or an MLA ever got banned from elections because of their assets and criminal record even though they’re corrupted and part of hundreds of cases. Don’t you think they’re taking advantage of our flawed system?  And do you think these politicians are worthy? When there is an argument between 2 politicians on how corrupted each is, how can we think a less corrupted person is okay than more corrupted, when no one is allowed to be corrupted?

Nepotism and caste politics is so deeply rooted in our country as people still believe a certain family is only eligible to rule, and it is happening from ages, if the ancestor dies son becomes CM. The question is when did the politics turn into a family occupation? Even in this generation, we’re being manipulated in the name of caste from the politicians, All this crap should end now and I don’t think people who are old need to quit politics, instead, they should act as advisory heads and continue to give their valuable inputs through indirect politics from backstage while leaving the center stage to the young brigade.

Manmohan Singh is termed as one of the finest and best economists in India but still, all his experience, knowledge, skills didn’t help our country to be the best. That shows involvement isn’t enough and active verdict making with some attacking mindset is required in some situations to make us successful.

 And why will youth be more effective in the political scene? At the age of 18, we’re eligible to vote for a candidate who will serve us and we’re making a decision based on who is better for that position. If you think youth isn’t developed enough to enter politics then why should we allow them to vote and make a decision for our country in the first place? Firstly they are young, willing to take the risk, thinking out of the box isn’t tough for them, can easily adapt to the newest formats, they will always bring new ideas to the table. Every politician who is starting so young can pace the system well. The past format of ruling isn’t working and a change needs to happen, the future should be planned from now. Every step forward should lead to newer paths. All this happens when we’re willing to accept the change, able to deal with risk.

For example: India mostly depends on Agriculture and its contribution towards GDP is high, but did we change any of the farming techniques for cultivation? no, we are following the same techniques that our great grandfather’s followed.

They’re hundreds of new methods and technologies with no damage to the crop, no loss to the farmer and functioning than what we use in the present day, but no leader is ready to bring these procedures forward to the farmers, not because of currency or area but because they never think it is necessary, only a person who actually dealt with the technology knows its capability. This is one example that shows why new blood is required for change.

Easy money, free meals, funding’s all these schemes are good to some extent, they’re effective and required in previous decades but not now. Listen if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man fishing and you feed him for a lifetime. Introducing new improvements to decrease poverty, and increasing quality of life, using technology for the creation of jobs. Improving skills, development of other fields, and effective changes in education, All these happen when someone decides enough is enough we need to stop this and start something new and it will not be possible with a leader who isn’t capable of making a decision nor willing to take a chance sitting in that chair just with the lust for power. It is high time that we need new leaders with serious thinking, adaptive nature, and ready to deal with the people’s problems in an effective way. This isn’t going to happen in one night it takes time and he will receive hate from the people because he opted out on giving easy money, but time will make them realize

What’s actually happening? Youngsters with no criminal record, not interested in corruption, and willing to take a risk with a senior leader backing him with his experiences will give our country desired results and boost the nation like never before. and that’s why we need youth in politics.

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